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Emene Ekpeye ejalehni (Ekpeye people you are welcome), this is a platform developed specifically for the Ekpeye people! Our objective is to keep the unique and distinct Ekpeye language and culture alive… and to empower the Ekpeye youths (home and abroad in the diaspora) to develop the Ekpeyeland, build homes and businesses in Ekpeye and ultimately be proud to be an indigene of our great Ekpeye kingdom!

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The main purpose of the website is to act as meeting point for all Ekpeye brothers and sisters on the internet, a place where we can meet to know each other and discuss Ekpeye related issues (on our full featured official Ekpeye kingdom forum) and to provide insight into the Ekpeye language (and culture) and ultimately promote the use of authentic Ekpeye names amongst the Ekpeye youth.

For those that don’t know… Ekpeye is a language, a people, a culture and an ethnic KINGDOM in Nigeria. Ekpeye people live in the Ahoada and Ogba Egbema areas of Rivers State, Nigeria, with a population of 80,000 (1991 census), which had increased by 63% to approximately 130,000, according to the 2006 census estimates, carried out by the Federal Government of Nigeria. No official numbers have been released regarding Ekpeye’s current population figures.

Now… Let’s enjoy and grow our very own Ekpeye Kingdom web platform, this platform is by us and belongs to us! Ekpeye mekani ooo! This is our generation! O che che che che che, uwo, uwo, ocheeeeee… iye!


Iyeuma Ida Menime (the good things my father has done for me) by Happiness Victor

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