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    *Akpos Calls Technical Support….*
    AKPOS: Hello, my internet is not working
    TECHNICIAN: Ok, double click on “My
    AKPOS: I can’t see your computer!
    TECHNICIAN: No… No… click on “My
    computer” on your computer.
    AKPOS: How can I click on your computer
    from my computer?
    TECHNICIAN: Now listen… There is an icon
    labelled “My computer” on your computer.
    Double click on it.
    AKPOS: What the hell… what is your
    computer doing on my computer?
    TECHNICIAN: Double click on your
    AKPOS: On which icon do I have to click?
    TECHNICIAN: “My computer!!!”
    AkPOS: Oh God! What type of problem is
    this? Please tell me where your office is….
    I’ll come there and click on “your

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