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    Nigerian ritualists are at it again! I would like those girls who are into ‘sugar daddy runs’ and social media prostitution to take a look at this graphic picture. Those of you who are very hasty to run after men who are old enough to be your fathers simply because they drive SUV cars- men you hardly know who they are and their source of income. Some of you travel to different states of the country to meet guys you contacted on social media. You haven’t known or even seen them before, but because they told you they ‘love and want to marry you,’ you fall head over heels and take a risk that can cost you your life. Something many brave men can never do!

    As you keep messing around, know that nothing goes for nothing. You might say, “I have been doing this for years now and nothing has happened to me.” Yes, nothing of this nature might have happened to you now, but does that spell out it possibility? Remember the adage that says, “seven days for the thief and one day for the owner.” That owner’s one day is always worse than those seven days of the thief. When you see a man spending extravagantly on you, you think he is being foolish. He is not a fool. He has ulterior motive which you don’t know. If that so-called social media lover loves you that much, why doesn’t he be the one to visit you? Many girls get to know this after they have been badly maimed or perhaps in the other world.

    My dear sisters, this world seems so rich, but sincerely speaking it is a very wretched world. It has nothing tangible and substantial to offer you. No amount of money and ‘fun'(as most of you call it) is worth your body and life. The fact that you might die through this act is not even what bothers me most. What bothers me most, and should also bother you, is where you would be after dying through this process. Our eternal destiny is what we should never gamble with as Christians.

    Please learn to fear God!
    Start listening to your conscience
    Live right for the sake of your soul.

    Please help share this with friends.
    God bless you

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