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    Have you noticed that the Outgoing batch C corps member has many special attributes. I can say they are the most special batch

    1. We’re the last generation of our kind. As their wouldn’t be Batch C any more

    2. We’re the first to start receiving the new improve NYSC discharge Certificate that contains photograph

    3. We started during Good luck Jonathan (PDP) regime but

    4. We ended with new regime of Mohammad Buhari (APC)

    5. We serve our nation at the time when we’re needed most.

    6. We preside over the election that brought Change to our dear Country Nigeria

    7. It was during our time that NYSC become fully online

    8. We are the first to experience nation wide head count during weekends. Wow I could remember I dey my hometown when I received that message.

    9. And do you know that we spend exactly 323 days since when we enter camp on 26 Nov 14 – 15 Oct 15

    10. Do you know in my time we still have hope of being paid state alawee and new federal govt alawee of 39800

    So you see, we’re special and we will remain to be special throughout our life. I wish all the prospective batch C Corp members all the best in all our endeavors. Stay blessed ­čśä

    Feel free to share and add any special feature of this blessed batch.

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