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    The giraffe is an animal with a very long neck and legs and with dark patches on his coat. His legs and neck are so long that when he stands by a tree he can stretch his neck and eat the leaves on top of the tree. One day, he was standing in a pond, a monkey a tree nearby asked him whether the pond was deep. The giraffe said that the water level was only up to his knees.

    The monkey felt that since the water level was only up to the knees of the giraffe, then perhaps the pond was not deep. But soon he realized he had made a mistake because the pond was deep. He was drowning and started shouting for help. The giraffe quickly went to rescue him and took him out of the pond. Then the monkey became angry and blamed the giraffe for throwing dust into his eyes.

    The giraffe however refuted the monkey’s argument by saying that he did not tell the monkey that the pond was shallow. He had said that the level of the water was up to his knees and that did not mean the water is not deep. After all, the giraffe said, he is much taller than the monkey and thus if the water was not deep, it did not mean that it will be the same for his friend (the monkey). For after all, a child eating “fufu” takes the quantity that can fit into his mouth. So, the saying goes: “Cut your coat according to your size”.

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