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  • Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor
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    “In the nearest future, i want to see our youths of today, taking over strategic positions in the state, and the Nation at large”
    -Dunamis Shiloh

    I believe the major problem of the average Nigerian is their mindset. We all relate with life just at the level of information or orientation we have about it.

    As humans, we each construct a unique model of the world in our heads at an unconscious level and then live in the model as though it was real.

    The reason why a man will murder his fellow man is not really religion, it is the mindset, although religion has great influence on our mindsets.

    We are the product of our thoughts, our thoughts are built upon our minds. We can not be better than the condition or state of our minds.
    Today we see our youths living below the average, poverty and ignorance ravaging our kingdom. Those who care to go to school has no fervid vision for the future, no plans for themselves and not to talk of their families. How do I know? Just walk into any Ekpeye town and see jobless, idle, nonchalant, and immoral youths. And I ask, what is the hope of the land?

    Lot of them don’t care to go to school, those who do, go and come back to their villages to become problems to their communities. The young once are looking up to us, and we have nothing to offer.

    We have tried money, school, religion. All these to no avail. until the mindset is changed…

    We need to empower Ekpeye youths with knowledge, with information, we need to tell them the purpose for life, we need to tell them how to discover their talents and use it to be a blessing to mankind, we need to show them how to use their skills and make money, we need to tell them to rise up to global relevance, we need to build them psychologically. We need to inform them.

    China today has the strangest economy in the world because of the principle their leaders brought in which was to change the value system of the average Chinese person. Today, Nigerians and Majority of the nations of the world uses Chinese products. The point is, some Nigerians think the Chinese products are fake, but a small Chinese boy will tell you, he is the best programmer in the world. This is mindset. What ever they do, they feel they are the best, and that is what they are.

    We need to shift the mindset frame of the average Ekpeyians, we need to help them brake that frame and shift their paradigm of life, and instill a new value system of relevance, greatness, value, excellence, service and godliness.

    When one is not informed, he becomes deformed.
    Your information determines your inner formation and it is when you are rightly formed within that you relate with life in the right mindset.

    I hope to write more soon.

    The goal is to organize an empowerment summit for all Ekpeye youths and educate them on becoming relevant, we give life better than what they have by information, we give them the real definition of life and gear them towards building the kingdom, the Nation and themselves particularly

    We can do this together…
    Do I have supporters?

    Let us stop hiding behind the cotton, let us all rise up and make a change, help Ekpeye become better.
    Ekpeye will be great!!!

    ©Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor
    President of Life Springs Eternal, and an advocate of Refined Nigeria Network.

    I am a certified result coach, and I’m committed to building a great Nation by building up individuals to become leaders that will lead with influence
    Feel free to email me,, @shilohdunamis on twitter

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