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    A Must Read For All Ekpeye People!

    According to Onwubiko as cited by Amuso “a myth is a story which is believed to be true & has its origin in the far distant past history of a people & their culture.”

    The Ekpeye myth of creation holds thus; ‘Eblikpabli’ took two days to create Oligwe (Heaven) which he supported with ukwa (iron wood) pillars. Then he created d moon, sun, clouds, two bright starts (one on the east & the other on the west).

    Eblikpabli created rain & put it into d clouds & stop it from falling down wen unwanted. He made d rainbows (Egwulugwu), d narrower of which was d male & d broader d female, both must act jointly 2 help d falling of d rain. Mysteriously, out of divine command Eblikpabli created d earth with valleys & highlands. On completion, He created “maduegeda” (man). Since d first maduegede needed someone with whom to talk, Eblikpabli created for him d first woman (unyoma). The couple now wanted water 2 drink, so Eblikpabli let mini (rain) to fall down from heaven, which filled up d depressions & formed lakes, rivers & streams.

    Eblikpabli then created d plants & animals, birds & other creatures which live in d water, on land & in d soil.
    Eblikpabli completed d work of creation in seven days. On d big Eke (eight day). He rested because it was a bad day.

    In Ekpeye myth, man would have lived forever in Eblikpabli’s earth had it not being for d foolishness of dog. According to Elder Krama Thompson Ogidi. Eblikpabli decided to inform mankind that they’d live forever. This message of immortality was sent through a dog. Another message of death was sent through the tortoise. On d road dog decided 2 rest & eat, etc. With d conviction that he runs faster than any other creature. The delay was however too much that by the time dog continued on d journey it could not out-run tortoise again. Thus Tortoise arrived first with d message of death.

    By: Dr. Nkasiobi S. Oguzor JP

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    Indeed it is!

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    I like this

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