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    PRIDE IS DEFINED as having a very healthy sense of your worth and value. This definition is positive. However there is another definition. Pride is also defined as an over bloated, unrealistic and sometime psychotic estimation of ones self, while keeping a very low estimation of others around you. Let’s examine pride based on the second definition as it relates to ladies.

    A young lady in her teens looks at herself in a mirror and realizes that God has blessed her with an uncommon beauty. How does she handle this discovery? She decides that she’s “too good” for any guy that wants to take her out on a date. She makes the guy around her feel inferior by interacting with them in a condescending and superior manner. She dates only guys who can afford to “take care of her” no matter what they do for a living or how they make their money. She doesn’t care how she’s treated as long as she gets financial or material endowments from them. She shuns and looks disparagingly at men who are interested in developing a meaningful relationship with her. Guys who are interested in her come asking for a date but she ignores them for those who are either in her own ‘class’ or who are rich enough to meet her financial and material needs. She continues this foolish cycle of ignoring men who genuinely care for her, breaks up her relationships indiscriminately and without tact and continues in a down-hill trend. In her thirties, she suddenly realizes that she’s not attractive as she once was. This lady has conditioned herself to think and act in such a way that it becomes a struggle for her to humble herself and hook up with a man she genuinely loves even if the man is not as rich as she would expect. Pride keeps you in denial. You look at life unrealistically. You make excuses for what is happening in your life instead of asking yourself some serious questions that will lead you into your dreams. You are in denial when you tell yourself that you don’t need a man; you can enjoy yourself as a single woman. After all these years what, have you gained from the relationships you’ve been involved in, you ask yourself ? A man is okey to have around, but you can do without if you can’t find one. The more you tell yourself these lies the farther you move from connecting with the right man for you. Pride makes you look for a perfect man instead of hooking up with a man you are compatible with. A perfect man or woman is a mythical figure that exist only in romantic fiction. Mr. Right however is a man you’re compatible and comfortable with; a man you can grow with emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Pride makes you set your standards so high that it becomes impossible for any man to meet them. The man is either not rich enough, handsome enough, educated enough, or romantic enough for you. Pride blinds you to the good men all around you. There’s however a level of self esteem and confidence we all require to function as healthy human beings. If you operate within this sphere, you will relate with people realistically and attract the right man into your life.

    Copied from this book DATE SMART – Praise George

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