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    Most of you are guilty of this crime, if left is a lawyer I’m pretty sure she should have sued you to court for the abuse and miss use of her, according to left you limit her duties to assist right and cleaning of your bombom, left and right are both made equal, both of them are essential and can carry out exactly the same function all you need to do is to practice using it until you become perfect with it. If you’re a footballer you’ll understand me better coz nobody is a natural born left & right legged football player, nobody can play football perfectly with both legs, most players started with right leg first and later practiced the left, lemme use myself as an example here during my teenage years when we were playing inter-street matches I am a natural right footed fooballer player but due to my love for #11 and the guy who was wearing tge #11 jersey in the Nigerian Super Eagles team was a natural left player, this made me started practicing how to use my left foot until I perfected it, Most of the goals I scored during my football career were via my left foot. What am I trying to say here, don’t over labour your right hand by doing everything, stuff’ like chatting, watsapping and facebooking practice using your left hand too don’t just limit it to your bombom.

    Treat all humans with equal rights, the orphan child you took from the village to come and assist you in the city give them equal rights with your children, send them to the same school you sent your children, treat them like your own don’t discriminate them the way you discriminate your left hand handle them like your own and the father of the fatherless will reward you bountifully in Jesus name Amen.
    ~C.M. Melford

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