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    Marry him because you both love each other and he’s a good man. Ready made dey purge oh. Marriage is meant for mature men and women, it is not meant for immature boys and girls, just because he drives on four wheels, you guys went out on a date, he bought you whatever you wanted, you felt this is an answered prayer. Do you know how many girls he has brought there before he met you ? you don’t even know how he got his money and you don’t care to know. Be careful and prayerful before you say “I DO” it is not everything that glitters that is gold. Know him or her very well coz if you rush and drag him into marriage when you feel the heat of the marriage na only you go rush out of that marriage coz by then you’ll start discovering things you should have known if only you dated him for some months or years before saying I Do I Do, “Had I known always comes at last” if I had known I shouldn’t have left Emeka. the package doesn’t really matter it is the content that matters, will he love and respect you for the rest of your life. Stick to the one who started with you, the one who cried with you, the one who struggled and worked hard to see you happy, the one who sincerely loves and cherishes you, encourage him, motivate him and pray for God to bless him so that he can treat you like princess you’ve always been in his sight. Dumping of partner for a greener pastures is very common with ladies…

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