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    Something amazing about my PPA, on the first day I went to my PPA i took orkada from the secretarate going to my PPA before getting to my PPA the orkada man drove through a virgin forest, the road is well tiled, there were carved images on the way, the wind was so fresh and cool as we drove further we passed through a brigde, the waters in the river flows freely, one of the most interesting thing about my PPA is that the animals in the virgin forest are preserved nobody is allowed to kill them, I saw squirrels and Monkeys playing ontop of the trees along the way side, some where following my orkada, some ran across the road, I was amazed coz I never knew that such thing still exist in my Country, I found it so interesting so I asked more questions to enlighten me, according to the orkada driver he said the river is owned by a small god (juju) and the monkeys belong to the juju, that whosoever kills the monkey will die in 7days. Due to this info i couldnt go further to take pictures with the monkeys, though he said its ok to take pictures, but I don’t want to have any business with small gods. he further said that if somebody kills them by accident that nothing will happen to the person. Through it all I still love my PPA coz i like F.U.O, the monkeys and Squirrels.

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