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    Today is the saddest day of my life. I was around OTC when I saw a young lady seriously complaining about her stolen phone. So I went near her to listen to what she was saying… I was also downloading something with my phone at that same time… Immediately she saw my phone she told the crowd that the phone I was holding was hers . For a moment I couldn’t even open my mouth, I was so confused. She held me and slapped me.
    The crowd attempted to beat me up. But luckily a policeman was passing by and he came to the scene. He asked what was going on and I explained with tears all over my face. He sent me to the police station together with the woman and I still explained to the policeman that i was innocent.. So the policeman instructed the woman to call her phone number using my phone. . She did and a girl picked and told the woman that it was her daughter. The girl told the woman that she left her phone at home when she was leaving to town. I even cried more and more because I had already been disgraced.
    The policeman told the woman to settle me with some money. The woman pulled #5 million out of her bag and wanted to hand it over to me but it was just too much for me so I just opened my eyes, stood up from my bed and went to urinate.

    But I am going back to sleep now,
    That money will not pass me by…..
    Haha 😄😄

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