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    🎓Safety Tips: MMM Victims Support Programme –

    1. Make sure you are very close to your friends and relatives who “invested” money in MMM. Keep them in view 24/7;

    2.Observe their every movement and monitor where they are going to;

    3. If you see any of them going close to a River, Ocean, Stream or railway line, raise an alarm and invite the police;

    4. If you see any of them talking to him or herself and scratching away at his hair, block all entrances to nearby markets and alert the nearest psychiatrist hospital. On no account must you allow him or her gain access into any market o. That would be point of no return;

    5. If any of them begins to behave angrily and break or destroy things for no reason, please notify your friends and use cow rope to tie the person;

    6. If they go to the market to buy a long rope please get family members to monitor all the nearby trees and ceiling fans and inform the local vigilante or police immediately;

    7. If any of them fixed their wedding for December 25th, 31st or 1st of January and they have sent cards out then, I beg, make all the family and friends begin contribute the money he or she put into MMM and return to the person. Don’t say it’s not your business o because any which way you will still contribute… either contribute to replace the lost money or you contribute for burial. You choose!!!
    Please pass it round to save lives🎓

    #Copied & Adapted*

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